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I got to thinking recently about how long does a fibre wig last and how amazingly Wigs For Sale have evolved in the 30 years Ive been wearing them. The range of styles has increased enormously, and the technology available to us in terms of natural bases and hairlines has improved hugely too. When I started wearing wigs, lace fronts didnt exist outside the bespoke, theatrical wig makers, and most wigs looked bulky and fake.

Contrast that with the choice we have now. There are so many great wig brands offering everything from classic styles and no-nonsense crops, through glam bouncy waves and sleek bobs, to the latest trends in rooted styles and hot new colours. To coin a phrase, weve never had it so good!

What about the developments in wig fibre? Again, I think the wig companies have made great strides over the years. Back in the 80s, even when wigs were new they looked dry and a bit wiry. These days every wig Ive ever bought or reviewed has looked glorious when Ive tried it on; the fibre is lustrous and bouncy, with judicious use of permatease to give shape and lift without the wig being too full.

Well, as with most things in modern life, I think you generally get what you pay for. Ive tried lots of Wigs For Sale online at different price points, and with different types of wig fibre. Some fibres prioritise shine, others smoothness, and others have used the very latest technology (really, chemistry) to allow you to heat style your synthetic wig. Generally speaking, the more expensive wigs have a hand tied cap construction and lace fronts, and often but not always they have better fibre too.

As with everything, there are compromises to be made. One type of wig fibre cannot yet excel at everything. Although I really like the idea of being able to gently heat style my wig, I would prioritise smoothness and frizz resistance over heat resistance, as frizz is my biggest bugbear. So leaving aside the heat resistant ranges, which brands do I think offer great smoothness? For me there are two important factors to this C which brands resist frizzing the best, and which respond well to using a steamer to reduce frizz once its set in?

For me the answer to both those questions is Gisela Mayer. Ive worn several of their wigs for sale in recent years, and they stand up to day to day wear better than a lot of other brands (note though that I havent tried every brand available). Im pretty tough on wigs C I wear suit jackets which are bad for the fibre at the nape, I run around getting all sweaty at kickboxing, and I swim in chlorinated pools. No wig is every going to withstand that without frizzing after a while, but Ive found Gisela Mayer wigs resist it for longer than most. Ive also found the fibre will take repeated steaming sessions to smooth out the fibres once theyve frizzed really successfully, which is something not all brands cope so well with.

My current cheap Wigs For Sale is by Revlon, and this is the first time Ive tried their products. Ive been wearing this one daily for 2 or 3 months now and so far Im impressed C there is little frizzing so far and its not yet at the point where it starts to accelerate and steaming becomes necessary.

Thanks Lizzie. I usually turn to Amore by Rene of Paris, over the years Ive found them very reliable, its good to get feedback on others. I have had Codi for a few years now and found it lasts well, but 2 years back I tried longer styles. I noticed a huge difference in lifetime of a longer style C needed much more maintenance, and didnt not last half as long, went frizzy quicker and tangled at back despite de-tangler products. So Im back to Codi for everyday. BTW love the Revlon wig on you. Which style is this please?